Eaton Services

Eaton's Engineering Services Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle-whether it’s design, build, or support. Our services integrate and optimize the elements of a power system to make sure it’s aligned with business goals. We can help keep your power system safe, efficient, reliable, and up-to-date.


ARC FLASH Hazard Analysis

Eaton engineers will perform an arc flash hazard analysis of the power system and quantify the release of thermal energy associated with potential arc flash hazards. They will then describe safety recommendations in order to protect workers and equipment based on the analysis.

A comprehensive arc-flash hazard analysis includes the following services: 

  •  Arc-flash system studies, calculations and consulting
  • Arc-flash labeling
  • Creation and/or verification of one-line electrical drawings
  • Short-circuit and coordination studies

Recommendations to help achieve a safer environment for personnel, which include:

  • Arc-flash boundaries
  • Safe working distances
  • Practical methods for reducing arc-flash hazards
  • Required protective flame-resistant clothing
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Safe work practices

At Eaton, it’s important to keep workers and equipment safe. Arc flashes can cause injuries, lawsuits, fines, equipment damage, facility downtime and lost production. That’s why we design all of our products with worker and equipment safety in mind.

We also provide safety training to help keep workers safe, including:

  • Electrical safety training
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Arc flash hazard training
  • Grounding studies
  • Performance-based maintenance (PBM)
  • Coordination and short circuit studies

Eaton is also a platinum-level contributor to the Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to expand the knowledge of electric arc flash phenomena and enhance worker safety.

    Eaton Design SErvices 

    Eaton provides you with expert engineering support to ensure a proper and safe design Engineering and consulting services focus on understanding your requirements and setting strategies for your power system in order to satisfy your business needs. Traditional engineering and advanced analysis offerings

    • Transient stability study
    • Protection and control design
    • Advanced design and analysis
    • Distribution system design
    • Switching transient analysis
    • Distribution systems reliability analysis
    • Dynamic simulation
    • Specialized applications
    • Training

    Traditional engineering and advanced analysis offerings

    • Short-circuit analysis
    • Arc flash analysis
    • Protective device coordination
    • Load flow analysis / power factor correction study
    • Motor starting study
    • Harmonic analysis study
    • Power quality site surveys and disturbance monitoring
    • Substation and ground grid design
    • Field harmonic measurements
    • Mission-critical facility / data center energy design and efficient upgrades (including modular data centers)
    • Lighting assessment and savings analysis
    • Design and installation of energy management and monitoring systems


    • Modular integrated transportable substation— a turnkey engineering substation solution
    • Microgrid design, engineering and installed system
    • Substation and power system design
    • Alternative power generation design, engineering and grid integration

    Automation engineering: advanced and custom applications

    • Power monitoring system (EPMS)
    • Monitoring solutions: power quality and energy management
    • Motor control center systems integration to parent system
    • Control systems / power systems automation
    • Programmable logic controller (PLC) automatic transfer schemes