Trilogy is a United States manufacturer of innovative and advanced Data Center power products. In 2001 they pioneered the first In-Rack High Power distribution. Our products and patents elevate the Data Center power distribution practices to a new level.

Trilogy’s first break through product, the RPDU, was an industry changing power distribution product. The RPDU changed the world of data centers from conventional wiring of the PDUs to the racks to a high power distribution within the rack rows.

Today they continue to innovate in the power distribution market with unique solutions that vary in density from IDF closets to high performance compute and address the complex nature of power distribution. 


HPDU - Horizontal Power Distribution Unit


The HPDU is a high power multiple racks distribution system, 2N redundant high-density power distribution system, designed to provide redundant, pluggable, modular, hot swappable, manageable and flexible power to multiple racks in a data center. It can be mounted on top, inside, under the rack row or suspended from the ceiling.


  • 2N design dual input and output for A & B sides

  • Increased redundancy with two independent inputs

  • Modular and hot swappable output receptacles

  • High power three phase, 300 Amps, 150 Amps per side

  • Rated at 400/230, 208/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz up to 207 kW

  • Each output receptacle is equipped with a current meter

  • Configurable to 2N or 1N operation

  • Three or single phase configuration

RPDU - Remote Power Distribution Unit

RPDU2017-08-11 at 2.08.46 PM.png


  • Innovative 2N technology, providing redundant power delivery to every rack.

  • Unique design that powers up to 12 racks with one HPDU.

  • Powerful design, delivers up to 200 kW in one compact unit.

  • Modular hot interchangeable plug and play output receptacle.

  • Compact design, Zero U with several mounting options.

  • Advanced load current metering for each output receptacle.

  • Unique wireless (Wi-Fi) energy monitoring options

  • Flexible mounting (on top of the racks, side mount or ceiling suspended)



  • Innovative rackmount technology with power delivery to every rack.

  • Unique design that powers up to 16 racks with one RPDU.

  • Powerful design, delivers up to 50 kW in one compact unit.

  • 16 plug and play output receptacle field expandable.

  • Compact design, 10 U with several mounting options.

  • Advanced energy meter.

  • Option for branch circuit monitoring

The RPDU is available in a 17U or 10U high configuration. It is designed with a complete single or three phase circuit breaker panel, advanced metering, and up to 16 internal plug and play output receptacles and 24 external field expandable receptacles that can deliver up to 50 KVA.


  • Rack mountable high power design powers up to 16 racks

  • 1N that delivers up to 150 Amps three phase

  • Rated at 208/120 VAC, 60 Hz up to 54kW

  • Designed with16internal plug and play output receptacles

  • Field expandable up to 42 output receptacles

  • Equipped with energy monitoring meter

  • Available in three or single phase configuration