Innovation is in our DNA. Our team is made up of engineers, scientists, and builders who work
together designing and developing next generation solutions. Our collective perspectives give
us a depth of knowledge and understanding for what’s possible and a more holistic approach
to design and execution, which results in more reliable, scalable and efficient systems.

Speed & Scalability
Our high-functioning team works quickly to solve problems and move from concept to implementation. Inertech solutions are highly scalable and transportable for rapid deployment, providing lead times of 4-6 weeks.

Flexibility & Control
Unlike conventional solutions, Inertech solutions are developed to be responsive to dynamic IT loads and can be deployed and recongured as needed. You determine what you want and when you need it, and then we take it from there. It’s that simple.

Traditional build methods and systems are costly and waste massive amounts of water and energy. Our team is motivated by the promise of “giving back” by lowering your TCO and reducing the global energy footprint. Our infrastructure is mindfully designed and manufactured to support concurrent maintainability and signicantly reduce water and power consumption.

Reliability & Efficiency

Our solutions are underpinned by our conductive and
ultra-energy-efficient cooling technology, engineered to
increase reliability and resiliency. We eliminate the
unnecessary complexities from traditional electrical and
mechanical infrastructure and provide you with
innovatively simple and reliable infrastructure you can
count on. Our annualized PUE ranges from as low as 1.03 to
1.08 and has a peak PUE of 1.15 anywhere in the
continental US.

Conductive Cooling System

System Components:

Removing heat at the source, the Inertech eSYNC® technology draws hot air up from the rack and channels it through a pair of fully redundant refrigerant coils. These coils handle up to 30 kW and eliminate the need for raised floors. Our heat removal process eliminates the additional draw on the server fans, which saves a significant amount of power and reduces airow requirements. eSNYCs dynamically adapt to match your IT load and are easily reconfigurable to match density requirements.

Designed for quick and incremental deployment the Inertech eOPTI-TRAX-A® CDU scales with your IT needs. The angled connections between the pipe cages and CDUs allow the equipment to be snapped into place in just a couple hours. Each circuit cools up to 350kW and uses only 500 Watts while providing 2N cooling distribution to the rack. Using this 2N system allows for 50% reduction in water flow from standard chilled water allowing for reduced pipe sizes and pumping HP.

CACTUS® - Patented Chiller
Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource in many regions around the world. The CACTUS® unit delivers a “SMART” solution by balancing power and water usage. Easily connect CACTUS® to existing facilities or deploy new in 500kW blocks to save up to 40% in power and 90%+ in water compared to traditional chiller systems.

The CACTUS® unit is extremely efficient in all climates. The compressor “trims” the atmosphere, adapting to the outdoor temperature, and only runs at full load for a small percentage of hours per year. This creates year round, free cooling which results in less water, less energy, less money – better planet and results.