CoolIT Systems is the world leader in energy efficient liquid cooling solutions (chip to atmosphere) for the HPC, Cloud and Enterprise markets. As an experienced innovator with 52 patents and more than 2 million liquid cooling units deployed in desktop computers, servers and data centers around the world, CoolIT Systems Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™) technology is the top choice for OEMs and system integrators.

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Case Study - Savings through Integration

Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling to targeted surface areas. By integrating DCLC, dependence on fans, expensive air conditioning and air handling systems is drastically reduced, enabling extremely high rack densities, reduced power use and access to higher performance potential. Supported by options for data centers with or without facility water hook up, any server in any rack can be liquid cooled by CoolIT Systems, and can immediately benefit from measurable OPEX savings.

HPC with CoolIT Systems


In partnership with CoolIT Systems the STULZ CyberMDC is a complete IT infrastructure system, housed in a self contained enclosure

  • Optimal solution for small spaces and minimal servers
  • Quick and cost effective solution
  • Complies with safety requirements
  • Protects against harmful environmental conditions
  • Lockable hardware for high security
  • 208 & 460 voltage
  • Water & air cooled solutions available
  • Remote monitoring
  • Multi-rack solutions available
  • Low to medium density for traditional setup
  • High density solutions available with STULZ/CoolIT’s Chip-to-AtmosphereTM cooling technology
  • Worldwide sales and service network